For foreigners living in Japan

  • I'm a foreigner living in Japan and I can't catch up with learning Japanese.
  • I want to go to high school in Japan, but I have no choice but to give up due to my Japanese language skills.
  • I want to go to a Japanese university, and want to receive learning and interview guidance for it.

We would like to support such students at our school.

Currently, we have a large number of foreign students in both our Weekday and Saturday courses. Some of the students are new to Japan, so they may not be able to keep up with Japanese language skills, to communicate well with their teachers and friends, or to understand parts of what they are learning.
Therefore, our school will start offering a Japanese language course as one of its elective classes from the 2020 academic year. Through this course, we would like to support students not only for high school graduation, but also for university entrance exams and employment exams.

About elective courses

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday in the fifth and sixth periods.
Students can choose to take a class of their choice from the subjects and courses offered each year.
Our elective classes are designed to help students broaden their horizons in their studies and interests.

First year students Timetable example(普通クラスの場合)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Review Test Basic Biology 地域文化研究I Physical Education 保健
2 Review Test 英語コミュニケーションI 現代の国語 English Conversation 英語実習
3 Review Test Mathematics I Math Exercises 英語コミュニケーションI Basic Home Economics
4 Review Test 歴史総合 Club Activities Basic Biology 言語文化
5 Math Exercises 選択科目授業 選択科目授業 地理総合
6 English Practice 選択科目授業 選択科目授業 国語演習I

Free choice of fifth and sixth period on Tuesday and Thursday

List of courses offered

Students can choose from the following subjects and courses for their elective hours.

Courses 基礎講座, 基礎国語, Basic Mathematics, 基礎英語, 文章表現, 情報活用, 実用書道実用硬筆, 芸術表現I, 芸術表現II, 時事研究, 生活英語, 文化遺産と歴史, 理科探究, 日本語演習I, 日本語演習II, 一般教養基礎, 一般教養応用, トレーニング基礎, スポーツ基礎, スポーツ探究

About our Japanese language course

This course is designed for students who came to Japan from abroad and are not able to speak Japanese very well. Although this course is based on the material for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), the goal is not to pass the test, but rather to teach students how to communicate in Japanese, and how to write essays for university and job applications. The first hour of the two-hour class is dedicated to communication practice with all the students, and the second hour is dedicated to practice questions according to each student's level of proficiency, using materials from the JLPT. We will try to make a place where students can learn not only the Japanese language but also the culture and customs of Japan and of the country they are from. Let's make this a fun class for everyone.

Above all, we will try to make the class fun and interesting.
What one likes, one will do well.
We will do our best to make you like Japanese.

Teacher in charge
Hiroyuki Hokibara

From current students

Weekday course, Special Class second year student, Reina Shimizu. Graduated from Otari Junior High School in Otari Village, Nagano(On the right)

My mother was already working in Japan, so I came to Japan when I was in the first year of junior high school.
In the beginning, I couldn't speak Japanese at all and couldn't communicate with my friends, so I had a tough time, but I studied Japanese while I was going to junior high school. At Risshisha High School, I have Chinese friends, so I can talk with them about many things, and my classmates are very kind, so I enjoy going to school every day. I want to go to university after graduation, but I am still interested in many things so I can't decide yet. I need to decide what to do with the rest of my high school life.

Weekday course, Special Class second year student, Sei Bunchi. Graduated from Aoto Junior High School, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo(On the left)

I came to Japan from the fifth grade of elementary school because my parents were already working in Japan. At first, I had trouble with the language barrier, but the classmates and teachers were kind to me and I was able to fit in. I learned Japanese at the Japanese language classes at a nearby community center. My sister is also a Risshisha High School graduate and I saw her enjoy going to school every day, so she recommended it to me because it was a lot of fun. I'm currently studying for university entrance exams. After graduation, I would like to go to university and work internationally.


Weekday course, 3rd year student, Chou Shoui, passed the entrance exam for the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Nihon University.

When I first came to Japan at the age of 16 due to family reasons, I could not speak Japanese at all. I was interested in Japanese culture, especially anime, so I attended a Japanese language school for one year to learn Japanese. After that, I was introduced to Risshisha High School by a teacher at the school, and after consulting with my parents, I decided to enter a special class to pursue my goal of going to university. However, even though I went to a Japanese language school for a year, I had a hard time communicating with my Japanese friends, but now I have many Japanese friends and I am living a fulfilling life. When it was time to think about my future career, I decided to major in science because I was good at mathematics. My teachers gave me a lot of time every day to practice interviews and help me correct my assignments. Thanks to their help, I was able to pass the entrance examination. In the future, I would like to be involved in the management of my father's company and eventually start my own business.